A Primer For Prospective Members

OCBC was founded over 80 years ago and in that time has developed in to one of the best sailing venues in Mid America. In addition to having good facilities, the club has a great culture of racing at a high level having hosted numerous National level regattas. This history along with a friendly and fun membership makes for a great experience for those who get involved. During the sailing season there is an active race schedule and in the cold months, a busy social schedule as well. But the core concept underlying OCBC is that it is a Club for people from all walks of life and as such, the privilege of membership is granted to those who take an active role in the life of the club not just to those who want to pay dues not participate. A club like ours requires an active membership to flourish. Please see the clubs' stated purpose of the club elsewhere in the membership section.

Membership And How One Becomes A Member

You may have gathered from the above that we are seeking members who will be active and those who just want to pay dues and store a boat... not so much. In fact you will see that the process for new members is intended for everyone to get acquainted and also to weed out the latter.

Provisional Year

All new members regardless of class are required to serve a provisional year. During this year you will be subject to various requirements designed for us to have time to evaluate you and for you to get a sense of the club. During this year you will be encouraged (and in some cases required) to be active in the club activities, and will be required to demonstrate a reasonable level of sailing proficiency.

Membership Classes

Associate Member: Associate membership is designed for individuals who wish to be active and associated with the club but DO NOT have a boat or any other property they wish to keep on club grounds. Provisional year requirements are the same as Regular Members but there is no initiation fee and Dues are $400 per year.

Regular Member: A Regular Member has full rights and privileges to the club including storing a boat on the grounds and use of all club facilities. Our constitution limits us to a maximum of 200 Regular members so there is often a waiting list to become a regular member. Dues for Regular status are $800.00 annually and a onetime initiation fee of $800.00.

Applications can be found here and need to be completed and filed with the Membership Chair. For further information, contact the Membership Chair.